Live nature in the City Park

As we get lower temperatures, Salou becomes a paradise for those willing to enjoy peace and quietness. And one of these places especially designed to free our minds from any stress is, of course, the City Park.

Rafael L—pez-MonnŽ

This natural area with over 15.000 m2 –located in Carles Buïgas street and designed by Antoni Bonet Castellana where the old Camping Salou used to be– offers an experience full of calmness surrounded by nature. Thus, the various little paths will take you to the different areas, among which we’d like to highlight some small waterfalls that will delight children.

Do you love reading? How about unwinding after a hard week at work? If so, your place in Salou is the City Park.


Monday to Sunday, 8.30am – 10pm