The lighthouse of Salou

We feel the nice sea breeze walking along the part of the coastal path, of about 300m long, that borders the lighthouse of Salou. The route, accessible to the pubic from September, provides users with a unique chance to experience the beauty of the natural surroundings, protected by the steep coastline, while almost touching the water, far from the noise of the capital of the Costa Daurada.

The lighthouse of Salou, first opened in 1858, has a single central red tower that still works these days as a lighthouse. Annexed to it, there is another building that would have been inhabited back then by both the engineer and the keeper. Today, the coastal path goes round the whole construction, which is enclosed behind a security perimeter.

The restoration of the area has been carried out in a very respectful process with the environment. Thus, we get to see native plants such as the asparagus plant, the white pine, the sea lily, the agave or the Coolatai grass, among others. At the same time, three viewpoints, set across the route, allow users to enjoy the Costa Daurada in all its splendour. One of the most singular ones is the south viewpoint, from which one can see as far as the Llaberia Mountains. From there, one can stop and stare at up to twenty marine birds that usually fly around the place.


The construction of the lighthouse of Salou started out of coincidence. Despite the fact that there was no initial project regarding the construction of a lighthouse at Sant Jordi gulf, it was finally carried out since the works to provide the dike of the Port of Tarragona with light were taking far too long. The decision was taken towards the middle of the 19th century, despite the initial project being dismissed due to a high budget, as Miguel Angel Sanchez Terry, a lighthouse keeper, explains.

The lighthouse of Salou was first lighted on April 1, 1858, and would have send out a white light fuelled with olive oil, with a range of 14 miles. Two lighthouse keepers were in charge of its correct functioning. Years later, technology took over, and it still illuminates the Sant Jordi gulf in the Costa Daurada.

Translation: Artur Santos


Opening time: 10am

Closing time: after sunset


Free entrance