The Fountains of Salou

The Fountains of Salou become the perfect meeting point for many families, especially during the months of summer. Walking along Passeig Jaume I while the 3 main fountains are performing leaves children absolutely speechless, thanks to a stunning combination of light, colours and music. Water labyrinths, a great number of water fountains together with lights and sounds that will turn the nights of Salou into a true attraction no one could possibly miss.


First of all, we find the so-called Cybernetic Fountain, located just by Espigó del Moll, opposite Salou’s Tourism Board building. A small artificial pond welcomes a number of lined-up water pumps that end up meeting a small bridge, designed so that kids and adults can walk under some incredible water streams; undoubtedly, a proper thrill. Besides, everyday at 10pm, and for 20 minutes, visitors can enjoy a great spectacle that combines colours and music on a surprising and coordinated water choreography.


Walking East, we find the legendary Labyrinth Fountain, made by a number of water geysers that create a circular maze, where kids can enjoy a unique experience, playing with the water, especially during the hottest months of the year.


Finally, at Francesc Germà Square –in the closest end of Passeig Jaume I to the monument of Pilons–, tourists and locals meet up to contemplate the superb Luminous Fountain. This spectacular construction provides everyday at 11pm –from 1 July to 10 September– a programme with 210 water combinations thanks to the 100 streams it produces, which perfectly executes its rhythmic combinations as it follows the music.

Thus, if you’d like to discover a unique and refreshing show, visit the Costa Daurada’s capital city every summer night; the Fountains of Salou are waiting for you!

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