A morning journey on board one of the Creuers Costa Daurada spectacular catamarans

It’s a sunny day and we can feel the smell of the sea air, a smell that will join us for most part of the day. The light breeze makes us feel like at home, as the summer gets closer and closer. Despite this, most of us are very aware of the upcoming activity and we choose to wear some kind of cap and plenty of sun cream. We’re really looking forward to it; especially among the kids, unable to disguise their excitement. Everyone, both adults and children, are willing to fall in love with Salou’s coastline on board one of the spectacular catamarans of Creuers Costa Daurada.

This company has a total of 3 catamarans: the Ocean Fly –which can accommodate up to 104 passengers–, the Dorimar –up to 150– and the Dorimar II –with up to 250 passengers–. Today, we’ll take on the Ocean Fly, a true jewel. First comments agree to highlight both services and performance provided by this catamaran, which manages to beautifully glide along over the quiet waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Speed is low but constant, which makes the whole experience incredibly pleasant.

Ocean Fly 03

The Ocean Fly has various wide net areas that can be used to enjoy sunbathing, resting or simply remain baffled by the beauty of the whole scene and the sound of the waves hitting the rocks. On the way to Salou –which takes us around 70 minutes– we are taken by some privilege views of the capital city of Costa Daurada: Ponent and Llevant beaches, the Marina and Cap Salou appear on a delicious succession.

Rafael L—pez-MonnŽ

As we arrive at the Llarga beach, we stop and the crew deploys a ladder that will allow those willing to go for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea to jump back the catamaran. And so we do jump in. Some choose to stay away from water and take pictures at us as we have the time of our lives. The water is so refreshing, and we feel incredibly relaxed.

Rafael L—pez-MonnŽ

After 30 minutes, we’re back in the boat and get ready for the journey back to Cambrils. Before that though, we head even forward East, which allows us to discover the most natural and remote coves of Salou: Font, Vinya and Crancs. The short swim made us feel thirsty and so we take advantage of the free beer, sangria, refreshments and cava available on board.

Finally, and almost 3 hours after the departure of such an exciting journey, we make it to the Port of Cambrils, with the taste of a simply stunning experience still lingering in our minds.


Trip Cambrils-Salou-Cambrils
Departures from Cambrils: 10h – 13h – 16h


Departures at 10h an 13h: 36€ (free drinks and nibbles)
Departures at 16h: 33€ (free drinks)
Kids between 4 and 12: 50% discount

More information: www.creuerscostadaurada.com