Countdown for Salou’s Cós Blanc

The beginning of a new year sets the countdown for one of the most important celebrations in Salou: Cós Blanc, or Coso Blanco, the culmination of the Winter Festivity.


This year, 3 February (from 7pm) is the day for the 2018 Cós Blanc, an event that can be summed up with the following figures: over 32.000 people, 25.000kg of confetti, 2.500 people taking part in over 25 groups and thousands of Watts in sound and light effects.


But, what and who is behind the scenes of this incredible music, lights and confetti show? How do the 28 groups get their carriages ready for the Cós Blanc? Sandra Plaza, from Grup Esplai Salou, and David Martí, from Colla La Gresca, tell us about their group’s history, the anecdotes and personal experiences they’ve been through at Cós Blanc, one of the greatest passions.

Cós Blanc though is not a single event on its own. It is the culmination of Salou’s Winter Fetivity, a celebration that offers over 70 schedules activities for the whole family, among which we find cultural and children-friendly activities, free live concerts, comedians, fireworks, parades and sport competitions, among many others.

Entonces, ¿preparadas y preparados? ¡¡Vamos allá!!