Discovering Salou: a journey through art, history, and urban culture

Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage filled with sculptures, historical monuments, and urban art that make Salou a unique destination on the Costa Daurada.

Salou is a city full of art and culture, where every corner has a story to tell. Its streets and squares are imbued with a legacy that speaks of its past and its identity. Delve into the artistic and cultural heritage that defines the municipality and discover the charm that surrounds all its representations:


From the imposing figure of King Jaume I on Colom Street to the representation of the “puntaires” on Paseo Jaume I, each sculpture in the municipality tells a unique story that connects us with the essence of Salou. We also celebrate cultural richness with the “Ball de Bastont”s statue near the church of Santa Maria del Mar and the “Tres Gràcies” located in the Torre Vella.


Monuments are witnesses of the past and also of the evolution we have had to the present day. The Monument al Pescador, on the Moll de Costa where the fishermen moored their boats, evokes maritime roots. Located on the promenade, the monument to King Jaume I celebrates his departure for the conquest of Mallorca in 1229. And in Pilons, a sculpture in the form of a sail pays tribute to the old fishing port and offers impressive views of the coast, bridging the past and the present.

Urban art

Salou also has space for urban art, which brings our streets to life. There are up to 3 different murals, the work of the great artist Pilarín Bayes, which are responsible for recalling the past among their illustrations. In addition, street art adds a touch of vitality with graffiti on the facade of Masia Tous, on Jaume I Street, and in the area of Cala Crancs.

In conclusion, you cannot miss this opportunity to discover the history and creativity that permeate the streets of the municipality, and let yourself be captivated by its unique charm.

Salou awaits you with open arms to explore and enjoy its cultural legacy.

Come and discover the magic that surrounds it!