Experience a unique Christmas in PortAventura, the best theme park in Europe

Christmas makes it to PortAventura ahead of schedule. Starting today, the theme park will open the doors to Christmas spirit by means of a great number of decorative elements and a unique atmosphere. Every night, the Mediterranean lake will be the venue for the arrival of the Three Wise Man assistants following the Star that will guide them from the East. Can you image that? Glittering floating carriages full of presents, sailing across the lake to the beat of traditional Christmas songs, while surrounded by huge springs, lights and fireworks. Pure magic!

Your children will never forget this incredible Christmas season and the great parade led by Woody Woodpecker, followed by Winnie, Betty Boop and other Sesame Street.


As for the inside of the theme park, you can’t miss Christmas is Magic, an extraordinary show full of magic, dancing and music, as well as ‘Regalo de Navidad’, a shows where singers, dances and acrobats, dressed up as little goblins, will teach us making sweets, dolls and Christmas presents. Next, it’s Champions on Ice! A very popular show where ice skating champions from all over the world perform spectacular choreographies and stunning acrobatics on ice. And there’s still more to come!

In the area of China for example, we particularly suggest Winter Magic Bubblebou, a mixture of lights, Christmas elements and Chinese culture. The result? Gigantic soap bubbles of incredible colours, sizes and shapes, leaving everyone just speechless.

Christmas will reach its highest point on January 5, with the final Three Wise Men parade coming from the East and into PortAventura, loaded with sweets for all the kids who were good during the year, leaving coal for those who weren’t, as tradition suggests.

Would you like to experience some very special Christmas holidays this year? You need worry no more; just book your PortAventura tickets now, and enjoy the best theme park in Europe.