Salou merges tradition and food around squids

Do you like squid? How would have them? Fried? In traditional fishermen dishes? As part of innovative creations? If you love this mollusc, check out the Festa del Calamar (Squid Festival) that will take place until Sunday but, most of all, the delicious Jornades Gastronòmiques del Calamar “Del mar a la Taula” (literally, “from the sea to your table” food festival), with 20 local restaurants offering special set menus between 2 and 11 December.

Up to 28 fishing boats are taking part in the Festa del Calamar, with almost 100 fishermen, which go fishing everyday from 15.15h to 18.30h. As it is traditional, a firecracker sets the beginning and end of the competition. Once ashore, fishermen show their captures and collect points as it follows: squids, 100 points; cuttlefish, 20 points, and octopus, 10 points.

Setmana Calamar 2016

Also as part of this festivity, the traditional Dinner will be held on Saturday 3 December, with prizes for the most successful fishermen, at 21.30h in Salou’s Club Nàutic.

On Sunday, it’s time for an exciting popular festivity, due at 10h and available until 15h, with various activities such as: bouncy castles, live music (from 10h), a performance by Atabaladors de Salou (starting at 12h), and music by “Els Cremats” (12.30h), and rice tastings from 13h, at just 2€.

Cartell Jornades Calamar (blog)

As for the “Del mar a Taula” food festival, it will take place between 2 and 11 December and will offer 20 different set menus by local restaurants starting at just 9,90€ and up to 80€ for a tasting menu. Average price however sit between 20 and 30€.

Have a nice meal!