Sosciathlon Salou: sport and solidarity meet in the capital city of Costa Daurada

We love sports in Salou; that’s why we’re adding a brand new sport event to this year’s programme, which provides users with the best of the different events that make the usual triathlon and a truly caring attitude: it’s the Sosciathlon, a sports social assistance project due in the capital city of Costa Daurada on 2 October.

“If you’re in, they’ll make it”, this is the motto of the 2nd edition of Sosciathlon, a 100%-solidary race that offers much more than just some exercise. The event provides those taking part with up 6 choice, among which they can only take part in one: 2 BTT circuits, one of 8,5km and one of 12km; 2 running circuits, of 5 and 10km, and 2 more option for those that prefer swimming, of 2 and 4km. This fact makes it easier for everyone to choose the one that better suits their needs. Plus, 2 more events specially designed for kids are also available: running and swimming, at 400 metres each.

Sosciathlon 2016

Sosciathlon is also a project designed to help those in real need. Thus, all the money raised from registrations or donations will go entirely to health-related programmes driven by Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and their work against childhood cancer, and Alianza Española de Familias de VHL, whose efforts are focused in trying to eradicate the Von Hippel Lindau rare disease. If you’d like to help out but don’t want to take part in the actual event, you can still donate using the so-called “0 dorsal”, both online and on-site.

And so, are you in for sport while helping those that really need it?