The most terrifying Halloween makes it to PortAventura

Every year, with the arrival of autumn –this time, between 26 September and 15 November–, PortAventura turns into a terrifying and amusing experience you just can’t miss: it’s time for a brand new Halloween.

This year, you’ll find new events and adventures such as “La Selva del Miedo” (The jungle of fear), a haunted outdoors area that will almost literally freeze your blood, or the “Horror in Penitence”, packed with otherworldly beings ready to make your scream.

Whether you decide to take on this frightening adventure with your friends or your family, PortAventura provides you with a selection of creepy activities and unique events, designed to get you goose bumps: get away from an assassin sheriff, shiver with a vampire teacher, get into the [REC] world and have fun with the most amazing monsters, lunatics, corpses and witches. Oh, and don’t forget about the Adams Family!

And if you’re travelling with kids, don’t worry! SésamoAventura has the perfect little terrifying adventura for you with the usual friends: Coco, Elmo, Triki, Epi, Blas, Zoe… And when the day comes to an end, all the characters of PortAventura’s Halloween will wow you once again with the creepiest parade you’ll ever see.

Wait no more and get ready for the best experience you’ve ever seen in PortAventura.


One day
Adult (11 to 59 yo): 45€
Junior (4 to 10 yo): 39€
Senior (over 60 yo): 39€

Halloween especial event (11 October, 6pm – 1am)
Adult (11 to 59 yo): 18€
Junior (4 to 10 yo): 15€
Senior (over 60 yo): 15€