Travel back in time to the medieval Salou with the 21st King Jaume I Festival

Between 1 and 4 September, the capital city of Costa Daurada will travel back in time while offering a unique opportunity to witness the medieval Salou, with dozens of activities, historical re-enactment events and a stunning Medieval Market.

The 21st King Jaume I Festival is set on the departure of the Crown of Aragon troops towards the conquest of Majorca. For that matter, 4 venues will home most of the programme activities: Torre Vella, the Medieval Market –located round the streets to the west of Barcelona street–, Plaza Bonet and the Pere Martell Campground, next to the local market.

Jaume I CAT

Among the activities you can enjoy over the 4 days the festival will actually last, there’s 2 we’d like to suggest. In the first place, it’s one of the main attractions of the festival: the departure of King Jaume I and his entourage on Saturday 3 September at 19h, a re-enactment event that will allow you to relive the moment King Jaume I and his troops were about to leave towards Majorca.

Mercat Medieval

And, in the second place, check out the Medieval Market, located along the following streets: Ponent, Iglésia, Rafael de Casanoves, Joan Miró and Pins. Workshops, displays, artisan products, parades, live music and much more on 4 pretty exciting days.

Besides, don’t forget to check out the official programme in order to know even more about what you can find in the King Jaume I Festival. So, would you like to join us on a trip back to the past of Salou?