Your Christmas in Salou

Salou dresses its best Christmas clothes for the last days of the year, and it does it by presenting the most amazing activities for the entire family. The popular Christmas Market, a bird and farm animal’s exhibition and the exciting arrival of Santa Claus and the 3 Wise Men. Here are some of the activities we’d like to recommend from the capital city of Costa Daurada. Would you like to join in?

First of all, and starting today, enjoy the 7th edition of the traditional Christmas Fair, which will take place in the streets of the old part of Salou –Ponent and Pins streets– until Sunday 13 December. Activities for kids, exhibitions, poetry, cultural events and much more, in the capital city of Costa Daurada.

Masia Catalana will home –from 16 December until 6 January– the traditional Manger plus a bird and local farm animals’ exhibition. This is a showing that represents the typical and traditional Christmas-postcard scenes. Then, from 18 December until 8 January, the shops of Salou are presenting a brand new and entertaining game called “El pessebre amagat” (the hidden manger), which requires your participation in order to find the typical mange figures! If you take part in it, you can win different prizes.


Besides, in order to ensure kids live the Christmas of their lives, the Pavelló d’Esports Municipal will home the annual Christmas Park. The event will be available from 28 December and until January 5, both in the morning and evening.

On the other hand, Santa Claus’ carriage will make it to the capital city of Costa Daurada on December 24, absolutely packed with presents for everyone. Meanwhile, on 5 January, it’ll be time to look at the sea and welcome the 3 Wise Men, coming from the east and provides kids with amazing surprises. All in all, an exciting spectacle designed to entertain the entire family, starting at 6.30pm.

So there you are: visit Salou these upcoming days and live the magic of the perfect Christmas.