BoscAventura: a little great adventure in the heart of Salou

In the centre of the capital town of the Costa Daurada, 15 Barbastre Street, you’ll find BoscAventura Salou, a multi-functional space where thrills and adventure meet up. The area is divided into a number of very distinguishable areas: height circuits, Paintball area, climbing walls and mini-golf.

Once inside, we immediately come across with the first activity, the most important of them all: the height circuits, with a total of 55 games, 4 levels of difficulty hanging several metres over the ground, where you can find zip-lines and tricky wooden bridges. Of course, BoscAventura is as worried about your excitement as it is about your safety.

Before being allowed to proceed with this activity, Adrià –the manager– shows us everything we need to take into account during our little adventure. His outgoing and professional attitude makes us capable of dealing with anything. Each one of the circuits, divided into short stages, has a unique double safety system, which becomes very intuitive thanks to a clever colour code. Once we’re up the ground, we adapt to the situation very easily, which makes us enjoy the experience at its best, without the need to worry about any eventual fall.

After having gone across the second circuit in terms of its difficulty, we can ensure these four levels are more than enough for some good fun, whether it is individually, with some classmates, or on a business or hen party. Any excuse will do! In fact, the perfect blend of risk and adrenaline makes us be wanting for more.

Adrià does also show us the Paintball area, properly personalised with a great number of protections perfectly distributed throughout the game area. Undoubtedly, this is a great choice for strategy and teamwork lovers.

On the other hand, the climbing wall and, specially, the mini-golf become ideal for those looking for some unhurried activities.

Finally, BoscAventura provides users with a picnic area where you can rest or have a bite. There are also soft drinks and little snacks available for purchase. Moreover, they were awarded with 2 of the most important Family Tourism Destination certificates in the country (by the “Generalitat”, Catalan government, and the Large Families Spanish Federation).

Without a doubt, this is a great surprise that will certainly not disappoint you. Looking for a proper thrill? Get yourselves some BoscAventura Salou.