Discover Lumine Mediterránea Beach&Golf Community, a true paradise for all your senses

A paradise for golf lovers exists, and is located in the capital city of Costa Daurada, by the quiet waters of the Mediterranean Sea. And why is it a paradise? Well, because, besides offering some outstanding and privileged facilities, it is situated in a unique spot, excellently accompanied by the best signature and Mediterranean food. Now this, this is true paradise. And this, and much more, is what you’ll find in Lumine Mediterránea Beach&Golf Community.

Lakes 03

Located in the heart of Coasta Daurada, this sports complex designed for the best golf experience in every sense is divided into two main sections. On the one hand, we find Lumine Golf Club, which provides users with three top-notch golf courses, with a total of 170 hectares and the newest 45 holes in the country.

Besides, each one of the three courses is to be found on a unique and specific atmosphere: the 18 holes of the Lakes Course are surrounded by nature and wetlands; the 9 holes of the Ruins Course run between archaeological ruins; and the 18 holes of the Hills Course offer an unforgettable experience, with stunning views of the quarries, pine groves and the sea.

Ruins 01

In fact, sustainability and respect towards the environment is one of the main values of the Lumine Mediterránea Beach&Golf Community. Thus, the courses of Lumine Golf Club were awarded with the Audubon International Golf Signature Sanctuary certificate, which recognises its sustainable and responsible water management.

Restaurant Lumine 01

In the second sector you’ll get to taste the best signature and Mediterranean gastronomy, with the most surprising cocktails, or exclusive events. We’re talking about Lumine Restaurant&Beach Club, a creative, unique and sophisticated gastronomy space.

Beach Club 02

So now here you have it; if you like golf and you haven’t yet found your paradise to relax and enjoy the most select activities, you’ll find it the heart of Costa Daurada, in the Lumine Mediterránea Beach&Golf Community facilities.