PortAventura World, a world of unique experiences

Are you ready for proper fun? PortAventura World opens the 22nd season with exciting and magical suggestions for the perfect holidays. PortAventura World’s new season kicks off with 6 thematic areas designed to make you go through an unforgettable experience.

Tutuki PA (blog)

Find in the Polynesia refreshing rides such as Tutuki Splash or the excitement of the Kontiki boat, besides exotic bird shows and ancestral rituals. All this on an incredible setting that will make you feel like you’re actually in one of the most exotic areas in the world.

Portada PA (blog)

China is the area chosen by thrill lovers: both Dragon Kahn (8 loops and over 110km/h) and Shambhala (the highest rollercoaster in Europe, with 76m) stand out this little world thought to leave you speechless. Besides, the incredible fun of Angkor, the magic of Waitan Port and surprising shows such as Revolution and Bubblebou will make you want to go back again.

Hurakan PA (blog)

In Mexico you’ll find an amazing blend of mystery, traditional shows and proper thrills. The outstanding structure of Hurakan Condor (with a 100-metre long free fall) becomes the perfect ride for more demanding adventurers. And let’s not forget about the legendary Diablo, Serpiente Emplumada, Yucatán or the mirrors shows El Secreto de los Mayas.

Far West PA (blog)

And if you’re a fan of Cowboys, then it’s Far West time for you! The excitement of the incredible Stampida, the nonstop fun of the Gran Canyon Rapids or the refreshing Silver River Flume are just some of the experiences you’ll get to live in the thematic area. And don’t forget to check out the exciting cowboy live shows!

Mediterrània PA (blog)

Mediterranean food and wine lovers must check out the Mediterránea, a true paradise for all 5 senses. And if you’re more keen on a proper adrenalin rush, you’ve got to take on Furius Baco: an incredible horizontal catapult that flings you at 135km/h in just 3 seconds!

SésamoAventura 02 PA (blog)

If you’re decided to visit the best them park in Europe with your family, then your destination is the enjoyment and magic of SésamoAventura. Rides such as Coco Piloto, Magic Fish or El Huerto Encantado will leave your kids absolutely breathless.

Caribe PA (blog)

And with the arrival of summertime, it’s time for the PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park: water slides, swimming pools and children areas will make you live the most refreshing adventure. Oh, and if you’re feeling that you need more… 2017 will see the opening of the incredible Ferrari Land, a true burst of speed and adrenaline. Are you ready?

Thus, if you’re in search for the perfect holidays, enjoy Salou and PortAventura World, a world of unique experiences.