Salou will live an exciting “Coso Blanco” with over 2.500 participants and 20.000 kilos of confetti

30.000 spectators, 20.000 kilos of confetti, 20 cannons, 2.500 people in the parade, over 25 groups, 200 people taking care of the operation and security… These are the numbers of Coso Blanco, the main event of Salou’s winter festivity, and they speak for themselves. No wonder Coso Blanco is, by far, the most important event in the programme for what involvement and infrastructure are concerned.

All is set in the capital city of Costa Daurada for the festivity’s opening ceremony with the usual fireworks due right after the inaugural speech, performed by Spanish actor and comedian Enrique San Francisco, on Friday 27 January, at 8.30pm. The firework’s explosions will mark the first of 11 festive days that will reach its highest point with Coso Blanco, live on TAC12 local TV, which will award the most televisual carriage.

Cós Blanc Salou

Coso Blanco, due on Saturday 4 February, will kick off with the typical parade, a superb moment for those willing to calmly admire and take pictures of the carriages taking part. The party will be followed by a popular vermouth event in the existing marquee and a DJ session in the Zona Jove (teenage area), just by the marquee, right before moving to the traditional festivity concert, by “Orquestra Maravella”.

The very last song will be followed, around 6.30pm, by the beginning of the Coso Blanco parade, starting from Advocat Gallego St. Then, it’ll be time for the festive and exciting parade round the main town’s streets, during which 20 cannons will deploy over 20.000 kilos of confetti as the 29 groups taking part keep marching on. Finally, “Orquestra Maravella” will be back in the marquee for the final concert.