A terrifying Halloween in PortAventura

Screams, darkness and frights; these are the three premises PortAventura has considered in order to create a new Halloween season, which will be on until October 31.

The theme park –one of the most important in Europe- has designed for this month a great number of activities and surprises suitable for fear lovers. Everything is ready: dead men walking, bats, spiders… Above all this though, there are three brand new shows: the [REC] Passage, The Inn of the Family Halloween, and the Monster High Show.

Based on one of the most successful sagas in national horror movies, the [REC] Passage is focused this year in their latest release: [REC] Apocalypse. Those brave visitors willing to take part in this tunnel of terror will experience 15 minutes surrounded by horrific creatures, blood freezing sounds and the most absolute darkness.

For those in need of a proper meal in a new and exciting way, PortAventura has created Emma’s House, a restaurant that will provide you with a stunning menu that will leave you breathless; gastronomy and an incredible show frighteningly mixed. Finally, the Monster High Show, the most beloved by kids, becomes the first ever worldwide focused on the scary dolls brand, and provides visitors with a mixture of music, fun and fantasy.

Who said fear? How about a terrifying day? All you then is PortAventura.


Whole day

  • Adult (11 to 59 yo): 45€
  • Junior (4 to 10 yo): 39€
  • Senior (from 60 yo): 39€

Halloween Night Event (October 31, from 7pm until 2am)

  • Adult (11 to 59 yo): 15€
  • Junior (4 to 10 yo): 12€
  • Senior (from 60 yo): 12€